INFO: Car by Car Photo Submissions

A Lamborghini on the Senna Straight at Snetterton during the Media Day ahead of the British GT Championship season for 2020.
The Lamborghini Huracan GT3 EVO of Michael Igoe (GBR) and Franck Perera (FRA) from Lamborghini Squadra Corse team WPI Motorsport on the Senna Straight on the Snetterton 300 Circuit during Media Day ahead of the 2020 Intelligent Money British GT Championship season.

As listeners and readers will be aware, we are now linked up with TCF Sportscars and are no longer doing formal race report articles on this website. Instead we are going car by car giving the brief story of each crew’s race and a photo of every car. We’re asking for listener and fan involvement here so you can submit your own photographs for consideration in the article.

Our order of priority for selecting photos is as follows:

  1. Fan photographs
  2. Racing Photographic Service
  3. Ebrey Photography

There are a few other criteria we use to select images:


The aspect ratio isn’t as much of a problem but we will only consider photos in Portrait orientation where they are a) exceptional in quality and b) showing something no-one else has submitted. Blurry photos in portrait will be dismissed immediately, sorry.

Ideally we prefer photographs in Landscape, which fit the layout of the site and the articles much better.


We are not necessarily talking about image size here, though images on our website are shown at 850px wide so photos which are at least this wide will display better on the page. We are talking photographic quality so no blurring, (or at least 1 sponsor logo in focus, we like arty stuff!) all of the car in shot, (unless deliberately done for artistic reasons), good lighting in the photograph etc.

Not Too Many:

We have an informal rule amongst ourselves that when it comes to fan photographs we will use a maximum of three per submitter in each article. There are times when this rule can be bent, i.e. we agree that three submissions are the best image for the purpose and the same submitter also puts in a photo of a car which no-one else has a shot of.

The other exceptions to this rule are Racing Photographic Service, the show’s photographer and Jakob Ebrey Photography, the series photographer.

Group First; Show Page Second:

We are first and foremost the British GT Fans show, so we give priority to contributors who are members of the British GT Fans group on Facebook. If you want to get involved and have the best chance of your photos being featured, join the group today!

Nasty Small Print:

The following ‘small print’ applies:

  • Photo submission is no guarantee of photo inclusion.
  • Watermarking – Is permitted but photos will be rejected where the watermark overpowers the photograph or is in any way offensive or potentially so.
  • Credit – Full credit will be given for images and where required, the show will confirm publications in support of future accreditation requests. If you have a website or other professional outlet you want to be credited please include it in the submission so we can add it to the page. Credits will not be hyperlinked.
  • Selection – Photography is art and art is subjective. We have a two person team who go through photographs to try and be fairer. We may decide that we don’t like a photograph which otherwise fits the rules and therefore not include it.