The SRO technical section have again been working at the Balance of Performance, trying to balance the various GT3 cars and the GT4 cars against each other. Changes have been made across the board, with no car getting away without some alterations.

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The Aston Martin, BMW and McLaren GT3 cars all have set max turbo boost pressures but they haven’t changed between sessions. Likewise, the Mercedes-AMG GT3 has a maximum front camber angle, which is the amount of lean in the tyre is allowed to do when viewed from the front, which is set at 4°.

In GT4 there are other settings across the board.

The Aston Martin gets a mandatory ECU map while the G82 BMW M4 gets a mandatory map and a change in boost pressures. The Ford Mustang gets a mandatory ECU map and a 63mm air restrictor.

Restrictors are also fitted to the Ginetta G56’s Ford Coyote V6 power plant, this one 46mm sized. Both McLaren’s get a set restrictor while the Mercedes-AMG GT4 gets a mandatory map.

The Porsche GT4 machine gets both a 53.7mm restrictor and a mandated map.

Nicholas Smith

Nick Smith is a time served motorsport journalist and photographer specialising in the British GT Championship. The originator of the idea behind the British GT Fans Show, which became the British Sportscar Podcast, Nick works as the shows resident expert. Away from the track Nick earns his way as a driving instructor and instructor trainer.

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