The SRO has continued to tweak the balance of performance (BOP) ahead of the fourth round of the Intelligent Money British GT Championship at Donington Park. This round only five of the cars are subject to changes as you can see in the updated table below.

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Interestingly the Balance of Performance data could hint at a new entry later in the season, and the return of other single-round entries. Both the 991.2 and the 992 spec Porsche 911 GT3 R remain in the balance of the performance table. The McLaren 720S GT3 non-EVO version however has now been removed.

It’s our assumption that this is because the SRO doesn’t expect to receive entries from non-EVO McLaren cars for the remainder of the season.

The really interesting change to BOP is the setting of a balance of performance for FIA Homologation GT3-038, the Audi R8 LMS GT3 EVO II. The car gets a 50kg uplift on the standard 1,260kg minimum weight along with two 36mm restrictors and mandated front and rear minimum ride heights.

It seems unlikely, given that the British GT Championship runs to a series specific BOP package, that the SRO technical group would have spent time working on the Audi if the championship didn’t expect to see at least one car entered at some point during the season.

Nicholas Smith

Nick Smith is a time served motorsport journalist and photographer specialising in the British GT Championship. The originator of the idea behind the British GT Fans Show, which became the British Sportscar Podcast, Nick works as the shows resident expert. Away from the track Nick earns his way as a driving instructor and instructor trainer.

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